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This area is dedicated to assist our community find resources related to sustainability. Here you will find green interior design resources, which can help you make your home or business more environmentally friendly.

Inventive Design is committed to helping educate the community about sustainability and being a resource in the efforts to make our community green. We understand there is an overwhelming amount of confusion, and there is no single site to assist in finding local resources and educational resources in this area. We are proud to be the pioneers.

Please take a look and find the category you are interested in learning about. There will be information, links, and pdfs for resources. If these areas do not provide the answer(s) you need, you can check us out on Facebook or LinkedIn, or follow us on Twitter. You can also find interesting information on our blog for the product of the week. We are always welcoming new resources to the area, if you are one or come across one, please let us know so that we can share them or if you find any errors or omission please email us too.

If you are interested in hiring our interior design consultation services we will be glad to assist you or your company by contacting us via phone +1.310.779.1223 or by email at

We do offer classes in our community you can check our calendar or request a class. There is a lot of products and services out there claiming to be green. We are here to assist our community in being able to make better choices and avoid the large amount of “greenwashing” happening. Thank you for your interest in learning more about sustainability and understanding what green design is.

“Greenwashing is the purposeful dispersion of false or exaggerated information aimed at presenting an environmental responsible image to the public.” (Greenpeace 2003)

Click on the area you want to explore further:

1. Energy Conservation & Efficiency
2. Water Conservation & Efficiency
3. Lighting
4. Paints, Stains, and Varnishes
5. Flooring
6. Furnishings
7. Home Cleaners and Maintenance
8. Recycling and Reuse
9. Third Party Verifications
10. Green Events
11. Understanding VOCs, LCA, and More
12. Presentations (password required)

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