Photo of the Week: 07 A



These photos were taken at the Auckland War Time Museum in New Zealand. They are photos of the Hotunui meeting house built by the Maori. “The meeting house that was originally a wedding gift from Ngati Awa in the eastern Bay of Plenty to Ngati Maru in Thames.” -Auckland War Memorial Museum. Maori are the indigenous people of Aotearoe, New Zealand. They are great sea navigators and were able to travel by canoe amazing distances on the Pacific Ocean, comparable to the distance from New York City to Los Angeles.

The carvings and weaving all have significant meaning within the Maori culture. “Lighting used to be from fires on the floor, and these would cause paua shell eyes of the carved figures, which represent ancestors, to gleam in the flickering light.” The Maori peoples’ spiritual beliefs are expressed in their designs.

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