Product of the Week: 09


This week I have selected American Clay. This product has some wonderful properties that not only make it green but smart and beautiful too. If you have been reading my other selected products you probably already guess it is non-toxic, a VOC-free product, the company must have good environmental practices, and hopefully the product has a long life and /or will not end up in a landfill. This product, of course, falls into all the above.

A few of the many wonderful properties to point out is zero waste. This product can be reworked even after it has dried, left overs can be reused to patch and repair or be used onto the next job. The walls when they are damaged can be repaired without having to start over. The properties of the American Clay can help also create healthier interiors by preventing mold growth, controlling moisture, absorbing odors (which reduce the need for filtering systems, and energy costs), and reducing the need for chemicals or other harmful items to combat these nuisances in our buildings.

Here are some examples of ways to use this product that can be very beneficial and aesthetically pleasing. If you have an interior bathroom with no windows and poor ventilation, this is prone to mold growth, bacteria, and an unpleasant odors. Each time you shower it produces steam, causing moisture levels to vary greatly, which does negative effects to many aspects of that room overtime. American Clay absorbs the water into the walls when there is steam, and when the room becomes very dry it slowly releases moisture back into the room. The walls keep the moisture level fairly constant, acting as moisture control devices, and greatly reducing the conditions that encourage mold growth. Naturally when mold and bacteria are not prone to thrive, odors are eliminated, and this product is noted for also serving as a sort of passive air filtering system. Therefore in kitchens with smoke and food smell become strong the walls absorb them safely, and help filter the air. Take a look at some of the images of this product and you can see that you are not sacrificing aesthetics by selecting this product. There is a good range of color, texture, and finishes that are rich and amazingly beautiful.

If we can select products wisely and understand their natural abilities, we can reduce the need on maintenance and cleaning, along with reducing the use of chemicals and energy to combat future problems, all of which means less work and money spent. The standard solution for painted walls or any application needs to be evaluated for all these characteristics before a decision is made. Sustainable Interior Designers are studying how to simply make heather and safer homes using environmentally sound products that just make more common sense.



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