Product of the Week: 10


“Luxury” and “Green products” are no longer at odds with one another. I would like to introduce to many of you a new product by Trend USA.

Trend makes luxury glass wallpaper but instead of the standard practices of using new raw materials it uses up to 78% recycled content.  The company’s surfaces require 60% less raw material and also use material that otherwise would go into landfills. They attain post-consumers products instead of using only new glass. The photo above show examples of product they obtain as post-consumer and how they reuse these different glass containers to create different colors and levels of opacity. Each wallpaper is labeled with the percentage of the recycled content applied.

Trend USA manufacturing process uses water efficient machinery, reduce pollutants, and use less packaging materials. One item to note is that even though they have a headquarters in Florida, a lot of their product is not not made in Florida but Italy. So the cons are that this is not always a locally produced product but one that must be shipped across the Atlantic. The pros are that is is made by Italian artisans with Venetian roots, world renowned for their skills and artistry.  Artisans from this area have been working with glass for over 1,000 years. The highest quality, skill, and artistry should be expected from artists from this area and after seeing their product first hand I can definitively say it is amazingly beautiful.

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