Residential & Commerical Interior Design

“Natalie guided us through a remodel of our kitchen and half bathroom. She helped with the entire process. Designing the remodel and then arranging for and coordinating the necessary contractors.

Living without a kitchen during a kitchen remodel is never easy. Natalie stayed after the contractors to keep the project on schedule. She also made sure the work was done correctly. When things needed to be “redone” she made sure it happened. She did a wonderful job.”

Mrs. Bond, Satisfied Customer


“Natalie is wonderful to work with. Her attention to detail and customer service is impeccable. She works with the deadlines and the budget. I would highly recommend her services in both a residential and commercial setting.”

Dr. Hatt, Satisfied Customer


 International Commercial Design

“Natalie helped me in the process of ordering a automated archive machine that had to be shipped from Germany and assembled on site. She calculated the space that would be needed for this machine and the capacity our office would need correctly.
Natalie is a very pleasant and professional person to work with and always follows through on her appointments and confirms by email what has been discussed.
I would highly recommend Inventive Design LLC and Natalie Mendez!”

Racheal Geerlings, Facility Manager for the Government of Sint Maarten


United States Government - Commercial Design

“The move was a massive project that took a lot of people a lot of time and hard work to complete. The Office of the Solicitor would like to thank Natalie Smallwood (Mendez) to the attention and teamwork to make our move a success.”

Kay M. Cantrell

U.S. Dept of Labor/ Office of the Solicitor

(Floor plan image is above titled “References”)


“…for the success of the White House – Navy Security Command, Nebraska Avenue project.  Shortly after the events of September 11th, ….Natalie Smallwood (Mendez) worked an entire weekend designing and specifying two floors…. Kim West, Shereen Wootten, Natalie Smallwood (Mendez), Ella Lyons, and System Specialists are to be commended for their hard work  and commitment. They have certainity exceeded the exspectations of the White House, Navy, and GSA.  Thank you for the spirit of partnership on this project.”

Steve M. Robinson

Knoll- V.P. of Government Sales


“Fantastic job!! …the first set of drawings I ever received that had minimal red lines.”

Michael J. DiPaula

Pentagon Renovation & Construction Program Office


Venue Design

“There’s no way to adequately thank you for all you’ve done to help make TEDXFortWayne grow!”

Craig Crook, Cheif Curator for TEDxFortWayne



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