Week 12: Exciting News: the First International Social Media Event for the Interior Design Profession.

April 16th a World Wide Social Media Event for the Interior Design Profession.

Here are a list of the organizations that will most likely be
attending. This event is not only for Interior Designers / Interior
Architects but also for the General Public.

Please join us and share with fellow interiors designers, design
communities, friends, and family. This could be a historic event in
the “Design World”

The LINK will be supplied on Day of the Event, April 16th, 2012.

We ask you also to connect by twitter to the following tweeters that
will be sharing vital info about the event.

@InventiveDesign – Natalie Mendez, MA Interior Design, ASID, IIDA, IDEC, LEED AP ID+C

@symbolictweet – Lindsay Tan, MFA Interior Design, IDEC

@irinasolovyova – Irina Solovyova, Ph.D Interior Design, Associate
AIA, Associate IIDA, IDEC

Here are just a few of the hundreds of comments already given for the precursor of this event:

“Sounds like a good idea to see how far you can ‘send’ it on a global
basis.” – Terri Maurer, Past National President of ASID, American
Society of Interior Designers

“Natalie, thanks for your email. I course I would be glad to assist…
I can assign my office to the task.”- Michael Thomas, Past President
of ASID and FASID, Fellow of the American Society of Interior

“Thanks for all you work on this!” – Lisa Waxman, President of IDEC,
Interior Design Educators Council

“Please can you add me onto your mailing list and let me know if there
is anything that we can do to become further involved?” – Lavinia
Engleman, Marketing & Events Manager of SBID, Society of British
Interior Designers

“I will pass your request to as many professionals as I can … it was
presented in our board meeting.” – Gideon Timor, Board Member of AIAI,
Israel and the International Organizations of Interior Architects/

“Thank you for forwarding this. My calendar is marked!” – Jeremy
Roberts, Professional Development Coordinator, IDCEC, Interior Design
Continuing Education Council

Deidre Gould, IFI, International Federation of Interior Architects /
Interior Designers, Secretary General is supporting and assisting in
the attendance of all their members in 88 countries. We are working
together on details of possibly hosting it on the IFI website.

Lavinia Engleman Marketing Manager of the Society of British Interior
Design will be coordinating with hundreds of British Designers.

Michael Berens assured me ASID, American society of interior
Designers, Communications and Social Media Directors are on board.

Lisa Waxman, President of IDEC, Interior Design Educators Council, is
rallying all the US and Canadian educators and their schools and

There are at least these three goals:

Public Awareness of our Profession and its Benefits to Society

Global Awareness of Fellow Interior Designers / Interior Architects
around the World

Social Good, to Inspire all Interior Designers in their Local
Communities to Show by Example or through Education and Community
Service: How We Benefit Society

Please join us too!


ABD, Brazil

ADDIP, Uruguay

AHID, Hungary

AIAI, , Israel

AIAE, Russia


AIPI, Italy

AlnB, Belgium

APID, United Arab Emirates Arab

ARD, Russia


BDIA, Germany

BIID, United Kingdom

BOIA, Austria

CIAT, Turkey

CGDI, Spain


CIDA, China

CFAI, France

CIID, China

CNAC, France

CODDI, Puerto Rico

CSID, Taiwan

DCCR, Czech Republic

DESK, Kenya

Design Singapore Council, Sinapore

DIA, Australia

EDC, Netherlands

ESDIART, Columbia

ESIA, Estonia

FNSAI, France

HDII, Indonesia

HKIDA, Hong Kong

Hong Kong Design Centre

Hong Kong Design Institute Department of Design

IDAN, Nigeria


IDEA, Australia

IDI, Ireland

IDC Canada

IDC Singapore



IDI, Ireland

IE, United Kingdom

IID, South Africa


IFI: International Federation of Interior Architects / Interior Designers

IPDM, Malaysian

JID, Japan

KOSID, Korea

MSID, Malaysia


PIID, Philippines

PIID-P, Pakistan

SBID, United Kingdom

SDC, Slovak Republic

SMI, Mexico

TIDA, Thailand

VSI ASAI, Switzerland

..and this is not even a complete list!!

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